Galatians 6:20 So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

RegisterPlus is based on the system originally developed to support the ShareAfrica Orphan sponsorship scheme. It is run to support ShareAfrica and any profits made will be donated to ShareAfrica.

ShareAfrica was founded to share what the Lord has given us with those fellow believers in Africa who are struggling to live from day to day. The primary aim is to find ways of lifting families out of poverty. This is being done by supporting farmers, providing employment in a factory and helping orphans through education. Recently, many of these families are struggling to provide food.  If the children are going to school with empty stomachs they won’t get the benefit of the education. Now, in addition to supporting children in going to school, ShareAfrica is also helping families by distributing Corn Soya Blend (a nutritious porridge mix) to each family.

Over two hundred children are now supported by ShareAfrica through regular sponsorship from the UK. The families are visited regularly to distribute food and to support and encourage the children. Depending on the school they attend, ShareAfrica may have to pay additional school fees for them. They are also given gifts from time to time to help them at school. The sponsors receive regular reports on both home and school visits to the children along with a recent photo.

There is a similar scheme for sponsoring farmers. They receive donations of seed, inputs and training. There is also a promise that ShareAfrica will buy their crops at harvest time for a good price. This support helps smallholder farmers towards being self-sufficient.

ShareAfrica is also involved in helping churches in a number of ways. Many of the congregations are very poor and we distribute food to those most in need. Their poverty also means that they struggle to provide or maintain their buildings. Often they are able to build the blockwork but can not afford the roofing materials. We have helped a number of churches with their roofs.

You can learn more about ShareAfrica on their website or click the button below to make a donation directly to ShareAfrica.