RegisterPlus is more than just an attendance register. It provides an online solution for recording the full details of all adults and children attending your children’s and young people’s activities.

RegisterPlus can record

  • Children’s details
  • Adult contacts
  • Attendance

It works online using mobile, tablet or PC

Find out more about its features here.

Free Trial

We are offering a free three month trial to let you test RegisterPlus in your own setting to see if it works well for you. Simply register for the trial and begin using it for your meetings.  At the end of the trial you will be given the option of paying £60 for a further year or closing your account.

Sign up here.


RegisterPlus was developed by Worknet Solutions Ltd using the same framework that was used for the ShareAfrica Orphan System. WNS is offering R+ on a non-profit basis. After covering costs, a contribution will be made to ShareAfrica. Using R+ for your children’s work will be supporting needy children in Zambia.

Read more about ShareAfrica here.